Our Staff

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I love what I do and feel extremely privileged to help others create meaning in their lives and in their relationships.

Amazingly we are finding in neurobiology that healthy relationships promote integration or healing in the brain from past traumas. This means that when someone enters into therapy our relationship, mine as the therapist and yours as the client, is promoting health and healing in your brain. Our relationship and work together will help restore balance and well-being in your life and in your relationships.

I practice from a psychodynamic approach integrating mindfulness, attachment theory, sex therapy and the latest findings in interpersonal neurobiology. I am also a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching for the last 9 years.

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Do you deal with depression/anxiety, struggle in relationships, and/or experienced something traumatic?

Do you want to feel better and understand yourself more fully? Of course you do and psychotherapy might be a very helpful process for you. I am a fully licensed psychotherapist with EMDR training. I work hard to create a experience that will make a client feel safe, challenged, supported, and understood. Each treatment experience is individually tailored to each client for best results.

I primarily operate from an attachment theory and will use a range of other therapies where needed. I treat a range of disorders including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, medical issues, and life transitions.

I have a strong history working with medical issues such as cancer, dementia, neurological disorders, chronic pain, cognitive disorders, and chronic medical diagnosis. Anxiety and depression can be such a common part of the above mentioned issues that psychotherapy can often be very useful to increase quality of life and functioning.



Are you curious about who you are and who you want to be? Are you motivated to increase satisfaction and happiness in your life?

I provide a safe, supportive and thriving environment for you to reach your desired goals in life. I am passionate about helping people reconnect to others in meaningful and intentional ways. I strive to help my clients connect to themselves fully and cultivate purpose and meaning so they can experience a life well lived with intimacy and connection. Specific areas I help with include: trauma, depression, anxiety, porn addiction, sexual incompatibilities, desire discrepancy, shame and embarrassment, low desire and pain during sex, emotional difficulties, conflict and communication resolution. I practice from a psychodynamic and attachment based lens primarily, and will integrate other evidence based treatment modalities as they fit the needs of who I am working with. Multiculturalism and helping individuals connect to themselves and their culture is a special passion of mine.